Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let's rethink scarves

I have heard so many women say that they can knit only scarves, well so what? Yes, there are other lovely things out there to knit or crochet but let us be realistic here, scarves are fast and fun and wearable. So what does this have to do with weaving? Remember last week's posting where I showed you a picture of a knitted scarf that I thought could be made of woven pieces? I have worked on it and the result of my labor is pictured here.
As you can see it is only about fourteen inches long, hardly close to being finished but it is really very pretty. Will I finish it, yes, but not today

The other thing is that in a new knitting book called Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr there are several ones pictured that would be great worked up by weaving. One is reversible that would just require two long straight scarves in your school colors and the way they are joined makes the scarf. Of course, OSU colors would look fine in this area. Another is called Four-color scarf but is really just tumbling blocks and could be made up of any number of colors. We have some small balls of yarn, worsted wool, from Knitwhits that are forty-four yards and many dynamite colors. A few of these could make the scarf. Yesterday my friend Barb showed me another one in the book called Zigzag. It would use the two by four loom. All of these scarves encourage me to think that we need to look at knitting patterns to get our ideas.

The last picture is of the scarf I first showed you a couple of weeks ago. It is finished and I am quite proud of it. The yarn is the Vespera, a 100% wool that is nice to work with.
The blue/black was just a little too plain for me so I wove a very fine red yarn through in a few blocks. It does give just that perk it needed. Don't we all need a little perk?

My visit to Cincinnati was great fun: played Upwords with Dar and beat him twice, ate at the original Montgomery Inn and Arthurs, went shopping with Barb at a consignment shop and bought some lovelies, and of course stopped at Fiberlicious.
Then on Wednesday Barb and Denise exchanged me at Jeffersonville to return me to Columbus. It is always good to get home to Doreen and the shop. And yes, I did weave on the trip.

Summer is almost gone, kids back in school, county fairs in full swing and that trip to Yellow Springs for Youngs ice cream. Oh yes, the Wool Gathering is there too. We are planning to be closed on the 20th so we can go. It is fun. Maybe I will see you there and say, hi. Have a safe Labor Day weekend with family and friends. And my prayers are for your comings and goings, God bless us all. Elaine

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  1. Now I have plans for my yarn leftovers. I'll get some pretty scarves and space for new yarn purchases.
    Thanks, Elaine.