Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a little late

OK, I know, this was supposed to be posted last week but since we were going to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs on Sunday, I decided to wait until today. So we went and did avoid the rain by going early and returning before it really started. We had a couple friends with us and it was fun to spend the time with them. The the "gathering" itself was nice but no weaving with small looms was being done. I had left mine in the car and wished that I had taken it in with me and sat and did it there. Saw some very lovely yarns and hope to be able to offer one of the hand dyed yarns here in the shop in a few weeks. Of course we had ice cream at Young's after our picnic lunch which was provided by one of the gals with us. Very good chicken salad sandwiches and ice tea was enjoyed. Doreen drove us and we did some sight seeing on the way home.

Time to talk weaving. The pieces shown here are to illustrate the use of two yarns. I like the results of using two but some yarns work together better than others. I have worked with these two yarns in several different ways. The yarns are Tibet, a 60% wool and 40% recycled silk, and the other is Sheep Shop, a 100% wool. The colors go so well together and they make a very nice fabric. I intend to make another purse and will picture it in a couple of weeks.

When I said "different ways" I was referring to how I used them for warping and weaving. One can be used for the warp and the other for the weft or use one for two of the warps and then continue finishing the warp and weaving with the other. I even warped one layer with one then continued the next two warpings with the other then go back to the first to weave.
Does that make sense to you? The drawback to doing this is that you are left with ends to be woven back in to neaten it up. The results will be to have slightly different looks and weights to the pieces. I also did some with a pattern of "furrows" from the book I am still trying to get back in stock. I have called this woman so many times that I feel like a stalker. Unfortunately, she is the only source for them.

The other picture that is included this week is a purse from some Noro yarn. I really love the variety of colors on the ball. When weaving with the four by four inch loom each piece seems to be a different color. Lynda had brought in a pair of handles that worked with the way I had put the pieces together. I wanted to make the bag larger but had lost the remainder of yarn I was using and hated to start on another ball. The purse could be turned inside out for a rougher look. It depends on the joining.
By the way, the joining I am using now for scarves is very fun and gives a very nice look. I haven't found it in any book so I guess I can claim it as mine. I have taught it to some of my weavers and they really like it. Easy to do.

Time to get this finished so Doreen can put the pictures on it. Come in to see me and show me what you are doing. Keep cheerful, smile a lot, love what you do and
show others that you care about them. God bless us all. Elaine

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weaving patterns

I promised you last time to show examples of the patterns that can be woven into the pieces on the loom. Several years ago Licia Conforti compiled a variety of patterns in a book called Modular Textures. It is a collection of patterns for the handheld looms she also sells. The patterns are given for each size of loom called Weavette or Weave-It and are fun to use.

I have had the book for sale but unless she gets my order sent to me I am out of stock. I have tried to get new ones since July but have not received them.. I would not be so enthusiastic about them if I did not think that they are great fun to work with.

The ones I have pictured are presented both with front and back views. Some of them look just as nice on the back as the front, I will let you be the judge. I also have woven just the top part of the four by six piece with the pattern and left the remainder with plain weave so you can see the difference and how they look side by side. I like combining the patterned pieces with the plain for contrast. Using two colors also looks nice, warping with one color then weaving with a second. It is fun to experiment.

As usual, I am finding new ways to make scarves, oh my, and a friend, Erin, showed me a pattern she graphed. She is very tech and used her computer to do it. I will show mine to you when I finish it. On this date fifty-seven years ago I gave birth to our first child, Doreen. How fortunate I am to have her lead me into working and playing with yarn. Since many of the ones in the shop, me included, have Fall birthdays we are setting aside the week of October 13th through the 18th for our Birthday Sale. Come in and see what we have put on sale and surely the books will be in by then.

A lot is going on in the sport world this weekend and at least around Columbus the weather is very, very nice for it. Hopefully, Tiger will continue to do well today and tomorrow and the OSU fans will wake up with smiles on their faces tomorrow. You keep a smile on your face always and make someone you meet a little happier too. God bless you and your loved ones. Elaine

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just a few more scarves

Okay, I promise this is the last of the scarves (at least for a little while)from the knitting patterns. The ones I did with inspiration from the knitting patterns are here presented: #1 is the one of joined squares at the corners and embellished with some of the vintage buttons we have on hand for sale. They were acquired from ebay, Lynne and Mary Lea, thanks to all. We are so blessed with generous friends. The yarn is so soft and easy to weave, it is Atacama and on sale at 40% off.

#2 is from a fine wool yarn called Kauni. It was doubled to warp and then that was doubled again to weave. A bit tricky but rather fun to do. Notice the subtle change from red to almost black. The pattern is the Tumbling Blocks from the knitted scarf book. It would be great to do in several colors of similar yarns you might have in your stash.

#'s 3 and 4 are made of some of the same yarn, the Vespera for the green and multi, but in the quilt-like squares I also used some Shepherds wool for the orange, tan and white. I do like to do the quilt blocks. The small start of a scarf is the zig-zag pattern I had told you of. It goes really very fast because the two by four pieces are fast to do. I may go ahead and finish that one some of the days.

Next week I plan to include some samples of the woven patterns made on the loom. The book should be back in stock by the end of next week or early the next. The supplier was not able to send them until after Labor Day. I can only hope that they will come then because four of you have already requested them. It is fun to weave in the patterns and the book provides the directions for all sizes of the looms.
Some of the old booklets that came with the four by four looms have the directions for a few of the patterns but only for the four by four looms. Bummer!
I wish that I could include directions on my blog but that would be illegal.

Next I am looking at the lovely Mini Mochi yarn, a merino wool and nylon combination used by knitters for socks but the color variation on the ball calls to me for something to weave, let's hope not another scarf but it would be beautiful. Oh well!

How blessed we have been with such wonderful weather, even for football and golf. I would like being out there for nine holes but would be good for only four or five and that is with riding a cart. I guess I can live vicariously through watching the guys on the PGA tour, especially Tiger. He isn't doing too well this weekend.

Again, let me say to you, God bless you with good health and enough yarn to help you rest and relax. Elaine