Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves

Here it is Saturday and I am just getting my act together. Yesterday I was finishing putting some ideas together for scarves to show you. They are fun and fairly quick to do, plus the weather (believe it or not) will soon be here when we will want them either for ourselves or to give as gifts. A couple of them are just to give you an idea of how to do them and though I used wools in most of them really other yarn could work and give good results. Please feel free to come or phone for help in doing yours.

The scarf that I included as my favorite was made from JoJoLand Melody and doubled to weave with. I like the way it drapes when put around the neck and the little lapel. It would be great in alpaca, sooo soft.

Speaking of coming in, this Friday we will be watching a movie, Marley and Me, and serving popcorn. Of course we knit, crochet, weave or whatever. The massage last night was a big hit and Lisa will be back again. She has an office right across from us. One nice thing about weaving is that it can be done while talking, eating and watching TV, etc . If you have an idea of what might be a fun activity for Friday night don't hesitate to tell us.

We have several pattern books for Weavettes in the shop now and they are great fun to look at but not too many of the patterns would work today. There is one that shows using crochet to join the squares to create items. A couple of them are rather cool. You can also go into the internet at eLoomaNation and see some of these on a pdf. Our friend Janet sent me a booklet, which is in very good condition, from a dump in Montana. Thanks, Janet for thinking of us.

The blue/black and white scarf would be very smart or in school colors would be effective. It is so easy to come up with ways to make these scarves your own design.

I am still trying to get the weaving pattern books from Buxton Brooks and hopefully they will be in the next week or two. We could set down and discuss a pattern or two that you might be interested in and I could show you how to do it. I cannot make copies to hand out to you. What is nice about the book is that it has the directions for every size of loom you own.

It is now time to open shop and really start our day though we have been at it since eight. Today we will be focused on watching the PGA on the computer and looking forward to seeing how Tiger and VJ deal with one another. At least we can watch the last couple of hours on the TV at home tonight. Go Tiger!

Have a great week and God Bless your activities, Elaine

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  1. You're welcome for the book! I hate to see some of the stuff people toss into the dump. Thank goodness my husband has such eagle eyes and spots these things for me.