Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's that time again

I had not planned to document my week for you, but guess what, that is what I am doing. Yes, there has been a lot of weaving going on at our shop, and yes, I have led several more to the "dark" side. Along the way I feel that I have made several new friends. There was even a woman from Minnesota that bought four sizes of the looms because she thinks she still has her mother's four by four somewhere back home. I hope she finds it but if not, she knows our address. What I enjoy the most is having weavers come in and share their projects and their enthusiasm for the loom and weaving. We talk about using graph paper to work up designs and the fact that we can be creative and not need to always follow a pattern someone else had written. I find that quilters are very adept at designing and really like to work with the rectangular shapes of our looms.

Do you remember the blue/black and white scarf I shared with you last week? If not, go back to my last blog and check it out. I am taking it with me when I go to Cincinnati this next week and hopefully finish it. I have decided to add a bit of color, red of course, to it. Will have the completed scarf in next week's blog.

We also have a scarf book in stock now that is called, Scarf Style by Pam Allen of Interweave Knits. I know, they are meant for knitters but on page 43 and on is a scarf that I think could work with our two by six looms very well. It is comprised of long strips of different colored yarn. They have evened used bobbles to decorate the stripes. I know that we can do this and that is my next project going with me to Cincy. See what you think and let me know.

When in Cincy I know that Barb, my daughter-in-law, will take me shopping and we will hit a yarn shop or two. I was in Findlay this week, my daughter, Denise, and granddaughter, Ashley, took me up to visit other family members. If you like meatloaf sandwiches, stop in at the Fern on Sandusky St. and get one. They are great. We drove by houses we had lived in so Ashley could see them again. She had not been up there since her grandfather died and I moved to Columbus. Her favorite house, the one she most remembers on Circle Drive, still looks much the same. I had meant to go out to the cemetery to see if any cleanup needed to be done but completely forgot it. Oh well, next time.

The condo is clean thanks to Denise and Kierstin helping us out though I still need to do a little laundry, Doreen will finish that on Monday. She will be teaching at ITT this year with evening classes but will be at the shop during the day. Thankfully, Linda and Lynne will still be here for us, too. Doreen has asked me to teach her how to weave with the small looms so if I am not here she or Linda could help with teaching it. Later today that will happen.

I hope that I haven't bored you with my rambling and I promise to share some projects with you next week. Joy and peace, God bless us all. Elaine

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