Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just a few more scarves

Okay, I promise this is the last of the scarves (at least for a little while)from the knitting patterns. The ones I did with inspiration from the knitting patterns are here presented: #1 is the one of joined squares at the corners and embellished with some of the vintage buttons we have on hand for sale. They were acquired from ebay, Lynne and Mary Lea, thanks to all. We are so blessed with generous friends. The yarn is so soft and easy to weave, it is Atacama and on sale at 40% off.

#2 is from a fine wool yarn called Kauni. It was doubled to warp and then that was doubled again to weave. A bit tricky but rather fun to do. Notice the subtle change from red to almost black. The pattern is the Tumbling Blocks from the knitted scarf book. It would be great to do in several colors of similar yarns you might have in your stash.

#'s 3 and 4 are made of some of the same yarn, the Vespera for the green and multi, but in the quilt-like squares I also used some Shepherds wool for the orange, tan and white. I do like to do the quilt blocks. The small start of a scarf is the zig-zag pattern I had told you of. It goes really very fast because the two by four pieces are fast to do. I may go ahead and finish that one some of the days.

Next week I plan to include some samples of the woven patterns made on the loom. The book should be back in stock by the end of next week or early the next. The supplier was not able to send them until after Labor Day. I can only hope that they will come then because four of you have already requested them. It is fun to weave in the patterns and the book provides the directions for all sizes of the looms.
Some of the old booklets that came with the four by four looms have the directions for a few of the patterns but only for the four by four looms. Bummer!
I wish that I could include directions on my blog but that would be illegal.

Next I am looking at the lovely Mini Mochi yarn, a merino wool and nylon combination used by knitters for socks but the color variation on the ball calls to me for something to weave, let's hope not another scarf but it would be beautiful. Oh well!

How blessed we have been with such wonderful weather, even for football and golf. I would like being out there for nine holes but would be good for only four or five and that is with riding a cart. I guess I can live vicariously through watching the guys on the PGA tour, especially Tiger. He isn't doing too well this weekend.

Again, let me say to you, God bless you with good health and enough yarn to help you rest and relax. Elaine

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