Friday, August 7, 2009

The Melba Shawl

Guess what?, there is a pattern in this week's blog offering and it is similar to the shawl I have in the shop. This is written for use of the four by six loom. You can see the half division of the pattern which would permit you to actually put a couple of extra rows in the middle at the same level then turn the second half to make a different type of shawl. Can you see that? If you are interested in this or other patterns, stop in and let me work with you and your idea.

I also am sharing with you a picture of my newly pieced purse before the felting of it. I intend to do that this weekend and will have it in next week. It was basically made of odds and ends that I had woven when trying out new yarns or using up leftovers. It is fun to see what comes of it.

The last picture is of something called a "humbug." I had seen only knitted humbugs, both small, pincushion size, and larger for pillows. Since it is no more than two squares joined on three sides, stuffed and then pinched to join for the rhomboid shape, I could do it with two woven squares. For the small ones I used the two by two loom and they are being hung from the Norfolk pine tree we have in the shop. The larger ones are pincushions and are very fun to have sitting around by the chairs for customers to use when here. If you are in Powell tonight, Friday the 7th, come in the share pizza and a movie while we weave or knit.

Have a great weekend and God Bless, Elaine


  1. Elaine, Congrats on your blog. I love reading your voice in each piece and your charm just shines through. Your projects are creative and your thoughts related to them and the yarn are personal and insightful.

  2. Elaine - once again thank you so much for the time you spent patiently teaching me how to weave! I love it. I have learned how important it is to not "dig" and also to lay the first 3 groups of yarn on the loom loosely. It gets tight at the end.
    I am also knitting my scarf and look forward to using those lovely buttons. One thing though. The pattern refers to a picture that shows how to put the scarf together and my pattern doesn't have a picture. Can Doreen help me by sending a picture?
    Thank you so much! Maybe I will be back in Powell this Fall!