Friday, July 31, 2009

great day for Tiger

Do you follow the PGA Tour? I do and especially like to see what Tiger is doing. Yesterday was a terrible day for him but today, oh boy, he was going great guns. I have the computer set on his play and do desk work. Wonder how many mistakes I have made today? You know what I will be doing over the weekend.
Taught a couple more to weave this week and piqued some interest in another two who wish to learn. Teaching others to weave is still the part of the job I like the most. .
The yarns intrigue me and I am drawn to some that we just got in called Mary,s Little Lamb which is a merino and nylonThe colors are wonderful and I want to weave it, probably in the apricot or chocolate. Another one is the Kauni Effektgarn yarn which is luscious. Come in and be wowed. So what have I to show this week? I finally put a handle on this purse woven with Paint Box yarn. I had tried an I-cord handle that my granddaughter Kierstin had done for me. The I-cord was fine but I did not like it on the purse and had put the purse to one side but decided this week that I needed to get my act together and complete it.
So there it is in the picture with some handles that I had Doreen order for the shop. We have a small collection to sell.
The small afghan is one I did following a knitting pattern that I liked the way the rows angled. It is easy to adjust the joining so that one gets that look but it does require using the two by four and four by four looms as well as the four by six. The serving of tea in the afternoons has taken off and we find several women most days sitting around the shop "joining us for tea." We have cookies and whatever to feast on also. Come and join us, we would love to meet you. God Bless You All, Elaine

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