Friday, July 24, 2009

A busy week--untangled

It all started on Monday evening when Doreen and I came out to the shop to do some cleaning and set up for the Chamber of Commerce to be here at eight on Tuesday for a continental breakfast. The different businesses in town sign up to host these each month and it was our turn. It is good to see what others are doing and do a little net-working. I may post one of the pictures but I was wearing the same outfit I had on in the first pic, oh well. Maybe you wouldn't have noticed if I kept my mouth shut. The vest is still in progress, back and sides are finished, hope to have at least one of the front sides on by next time. Linda knitted a tea cosy for me to use at the afternoon teas.
It is so pretty, roses no less, and I added a touch of weaving in the leaves. A group from Cincy are to be in this afternoon, they liked the idea of sharing knitting and tea with us. Maybe I can interest one of them in weaving. I already have a couple of Weavette users there. Oh, there was a young woman, maybe late forties, in from New Orleans, who had heard about our shop from a seatmate on the plane. She came in, saw the looms and had to learn how to use them. Long story, short, she now has three looms and lots of yarn. We look forward to seeing her when she comes back to Powell in December. I have included some pictures again of my projects, a felted purse and a baby afghan. The purse was woven from Sheep Shop One on a four by four loom.
If you enlarge the photo you see that the joining of the squares has completely disappeared. The way I attached the handles is a bit funky but it works. The afghan is woven from Merino Five, a superwash wool yarn and is very soft.
I delibertly made it smaller to fit on a stroller or a car seat. If you look closely you will see a slit I left to be able to fit the seat belt through. Very handy. I really enjoy having my weavers come in with their projects, sometimes for help, but always because they know that I care. Never hesitate to ask for advice or come in just to sit and chat, and of course to join me for a cup of tea. Joy and Peace always, Elaine

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