Friday, July 10, 2009

Let's weave again!

Here it is Friday again and time to say "hello." I decided that this is a good day to meet with you out there and "God willing and the creek doesn't rise" I will. The little baby jacket is finished and I posted the picture somewhere on this page. I hate to give its location because on the last posting a picture wasn't where I said it was, oh well. It turned out to be really cute but rather small, I need a very young baby to try it on. I am certain that the same idea for constructing it could be used with larger pieces. Need to try that. The scarf you see pictured is woven with the Shepherds wool that we have liked so well for knitting and weaving, it felts well also. We will soon be carrying Kertzer also which will add to our wools and work like the Shepherds. The scarf was created using my 4x4 inch loom and a checkerboard pattern. My one question came when finishing the ends. I had thought of using fringe but have not really liked what I had done in the past so went with continuing the checker pattern around three sides of each piece to sort of square off the ends. I liked the results but was still bugged by my inability to create good fringe. So back to work and success at last. Those of you who have tried, know that it needs to be tied very securely or the piece falls apart. In the past I have just tied a couple of places, and guess what, the piece would loosen and fall apart. This time after stopping the weaving I carried the weft back over every other thread across the loom then returned doing the same thing. This actually gave a nice finished look and seems very secure. Once you remove the piece from the loom the yarn will drop down from the warping and you can now trim it and you can decide what to do about the fringe, leave it in loops or cut it as I did.

I have included a lovely purse created by one of the women that starter to weave here at our shop. She brought it in to share with us and we asked her to allow us to share it with others. It just goes to show what can be done with an assortment of colors and pieces when combined. She used two sizes of the looms and then felted the purse after she had put them together. I would love to see any of your projects and would like to share them with others.

Time to get back to work, it's a vest this time. Maybe it will be finished by the time I need it to wear. Next time I will share a purse and a shawl I made this summer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me, or stop in for a cup of tea and we will sit and chat. Next week, same day, "see you" then. Elaine

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