Friday, July 17, 2009

Let us chat a bit ---then weave

Do you really care that I won at mah jongg this week but didn't play bridge, just set it up for the others. Or that I haven't finished reading the Northern Lights by Nora Roberts. Just too tired when I go to bed to read for very long. Something interesting did happen though, my daughter, Denise, has bats coming out of the soffet at their house. We counted eighteen Wednesday evening but they have had up to fifty-four. The problem is to be taken care of today, and we can only wait. The tea time with me has started now and I would love to have you join me at tea-time on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Actually, any day at three.

OK, let's get down to weaving. The vest is progressing, have the back well along as you can see by the picture.
I am using the Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran tweed. I choose to use five of the colors we carry to get a pattern effect. They really are fall and winter but it is Ohio and we will have cold weather eventually. I will share more pictures as it grows. I also promised to show some of my other projects.
The purse pictured is one of my first and is a messenger bag made using the Classic Elite yarn, Waterlily. It is great to work with and could be felted more than I did .
The other bag, out of Noro yarn, is not felted at all because it has a good texture already. I used the heavy seams on the outside to give it a rugged look. This was leftover yarn from a scarf Doreen had knit and I just wanted to try it. Hey, you can use those odd and ends of yarn you have in your stash to weave neat little items. Remember a four by four loom can be woven with just eight yards of yarn and the four by six uses only eleven yards for a piece. So go for it, there is no excuse for not weaving if you have yarn falling out of your stash. And if you need a new yarn to make something special, come in and let me show you what we have for beautiful scarves, purses and shawls. Let me inspire you to take a leap into weaving. Until next Friday, God bless.

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