Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yarn Users Club

OK, so I haven't been very faithful about writing new blogs, sorry but time goes faster when one is old. Ha ha. The meetings with weavers and others have not been well attended but those who do
come bring great projects to share. This Wednesday at one we will meet at our condo in the
Villas at Riverbend. Our address is 204 Stonebend Dr. and it is just north of Panera, Home Depot, Rite Rug, then turn left at Goddard School. You will see the condos just ahead on the right. Go right around the circle to "one-o-clock" and turn into drive. Park in front of the garage. If you have questions call 740-549-4016. If you are allergic to cats there may be a problem since we have two. Hope to see you here, Elaine

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