Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The weather this week is supposed to be very "spring like" and I can go for that. I really like the snow but enough is enough. Tomorrow is St. Patty's Day and I want to get some pansies for the store. They are my favorite flower. Doreen usually puts them in the ground at the condo but they will be in pots out here. Speaking of Doreen, she is making progress slowly but we are encouraged that within the month she will be up and going. It has been a long, hard struggle with more than a few set-backs. Would like to have her here for our second year anniversary in April.

Did you see the new issue of PieceWork? There is an afghan on the cover with a four-by-four Weave-it loom. What a surprise! Inside there was an article by Robin Hansen
that told the story of the looms and also gave the directions for warping and weaving and some info on the looms themselves. She told of speaking to Licia Conforti who brought the looms back into use but has now got out of the business, Buxton Brooks, which she had started. It is too bad that she is not providing the looms any more because I am running out. You can still get them through ebay but the price has gone through the roof since the magazine came out. I hope that within a couple weeks they will come down to a reasonable price. I no longer have any two-by-two looms to sell, just my own that you can use here at the shop if you need a few to complete a pattern. They go very fast.

I am trying to finish a cover for a laptop computer. It is very pretty but one of my "weavers" brought hers in the other day and I was blown away. It is extra-ordinary in color and interest. She even wove in some silver thread to add some more sparkle. I would like to take a picture of it to show you. I will not be putting pictures on the blog until Doreen is back in the shop to do it for me..

Time to get busy, the plants need to be watered and the trash needs to be taken out, and I may leave the door open for a while if it is warm enough. Be of good cheer and keep smiling, the world needs our smiling faces. As always, Elaine

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