Friday, December 4, 2009

Almost Christmas!!!

What a beautiful December morning, the sun is shining and the air is crisp. I really do like this time of the year and look forward to the snow falling outside the window and the fire glowing in the fireplace. I can wax poetic about the winter weather but also realize that there are many who are not as fortunate. Thankfully we live in a community that has many groups who are trying to help these folks. As knitters, etc. we are able to see that some of the needs are met. We have sent off the scarves and more are still coming in. We were gifted with some knitted table skirts used last year by Starbucks and though they did not fit into our scheme of decorating they have made lovely afghans by taking out the elastic strips that held them in gathers.

Wonderful news: I now have three lovely Bakelite four-by-four looms on hand. They are a little more expensive than the other vintage looms. We are selling them for $45.00 and the others go for $30. We also have a good supply of two-by-two and the new rectangular looms. The books of textual patterns are still not coming but I can provide you with some copies of the patterns for your four-by-four looms. These are from the old booklets and loom kits.

The first picture is of the purse I had been working on for a couple of weeks and was pictured in the last blog. It is now felted and grommets added to allow for the braided handle. It is a nice size and easy to carry. Do you like it?

The next two pictures are of another purse made using the Paint Box yarn. I have used it before for felting and like the soft finish it acquires from felting.
I have planned to line it and hopefully will dig out my sewing machine and proceed to do so this week. My sewing machine was a Christmas present from my husband the year Doreen was born so you know how old it is. Hopefully it stills works, haven't tried it since I moved down this way.

One of our customers brought in an afghan that was in her family to show us. It is lovely and has held up quite well. What a great heirloom to find and I am glad that she brought it to share with us. I really like the idea of you sharing your projects with me just as I share mine with you.

Do not allow yourself to get too tired or frustrated this month. Share your love and give only what you are comfortable doing of material things. Hey, bake some cookies and take to the neighbors or shut ins. But always, remember to smile. Elaine

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