Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here I am again, at last

Yes, I am still here and still doing some weaving. It was a great thing to be doing at Riverside for eight hours while Doreen was having back surgery two weeks ago. Much better than trying to read. She is now in Rehab and hopefully walking again by the end of the summer. I am looking forward to having her back(pun) in the shop.

So what am I weaving? Not a great deal, too busy, but I did start a couple of afghans. One uses the four by six loom, five colors of yarn, and several textural patterns. The other has four by four pieces surrounded by two by six pieces. This makes a pattern that has a quilt look. Quite nice.

The most satisfying creation was inspired by a shawl that won 'best of show' in the Handwoven May/June 2010 issue. It is called Spanish Moss Shawl and is very lovely. The square pieces are joined by crochet. I used a skein of Jojoland Tokyo, a lovely yarn, which I joined my way since I do not crochet. I did it more loosely than normal and the shawl drapes softly and looks great.

My supply of looms is low but I have two of the bakelite four by four looms which sell for $75. Doreen is bidding on more looms for me and the molded plastic four by four looms will sell here for $60. We still are able to get a limited number of the rectangle looms and all three sizes sell for $45 each. The textural pattern books also sell for $45. For a time I had trouble with the way the price has gone up but then I thought of the money women have invested in all the sizes of needles they 'need' and decided that looms were not all that pricey. A weaver could get along with just one size loom though havin all five is nice. I know..

I would love to see you and your woven items. Come in and sit and share. Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart. God Bless Us All. Elaine